Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today is a very special day...Fifty years ago today, July 1, 1960, my grandparents said their vows and were married.

Cute :)

So many of my good memories come from my grandparents. I can recall countless hours spent at their house, laughing and playing games. Some of my favorite memories come from the camping trips we took each year to Otsego Lake, visiting Hartwick Pines (noooo!), mini-golfing (remember Grandma getting a hole-in-one...on the wrong hole?!?), and marathon games of Crazy 8's with Grandpa (I still maintain that I won...although I *may* have mysteriously misplaced the score sheet...). Girls' shopping days with Grandma, promising not to "Toss Us Away" with Grandpa...the list goes on!me dancing with Grandpa, circa 1992.

My grandparents have always been an important part of my life. So much of who I am is because of them, and I am so happy to be their grandchild!

at our wedding last summer, "winning" the anniversary dance for being married the longest out of all our guests. One of my favorite photos..ever!!

Half a century ago, they say,
A wonderful marriage began that day.
Two beautiful people joined as one,
And worked together to make living fun.

We celebrate now those fifty years;
We raise our glass and give three cheers:
To partners in life in both work and play,
It’s our pleasure to share your golden day.


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