Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who says ONE is the loneliest number? ;)

Last weekend was the party celebrating the first birthday of my twin niece and nephew, Ava and Aiden. They are the youngest children of my brother and sister-in-law (Lisa of LGPerspectives photography) and are some of my favorite children in the world (along with their older brother, almost-4-year-old Ben). Lisa and I spent many hours planning, making decorations, and baking for these little sweeties. Gratuitous baby photo time!


and, just for fun, Benny boy!
Love them! Aaaanyway, back to the party. It was really exciting to see all of the details we worked so hard on come together!

Sweets table - OMG yum

We had a blast creating this party and I can't wait to do more! You can see the full gallery of pics at Lisa's blog. Check back soon for tutorials for some fun and easy DIY projects!

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Lisa said...

:) of course I saw this post a couple days ago..but I just looked again. and still love it :)