Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Showered with Papery Goodness

One of my favorite materials to use in crafting lately is paper. Inexpensive (sometimes), versatile, and oh so pretty - I love me some pretty, textured paper! (Have you seen this wood grain paper from GMund? Uh-mazing.) Annnnnyway, when I was asked to plan a bridal shower, I thought it would be the perfect time to pool all of my ideas and Google reader paper crafty inspiration-ness! (It's late. For me.) So with the help of my partner in crime, Lisa, we created some super cute paper crafts! Unfortunately, the morning of the shower was slightly jam-packed so we didn't get to take photos of the room all set up - but yesterday, Lisa and I were hanging out and decided to give a few of the details of the day their chance in the spotlight: (Pictures courtesy of Lisa at LGPerspectives)

Tissue paper poms - I actually forgot these at home so they didn't make an appearance at the shower! But so cute (especially if haven't gotten crushed in transport, like mine appear to...) they were super easy to make - just a styrofoam ball, tissue paper, and hot glue.

Here is another beauty shot of the poms, along with a yellow fabric one (in the background) made by Lisa:
Another fun and easy project was the pinwheel. We stuck a couple of these in each of the potted gerber daisy centerpieces. They look so cute with flowers, so they got to hang out with the tulips growing in Lisa's flowerbeds!
My only real regret is that there are no photos of the cupcake display! They were beautiful, from the special cupcake papers to the flags to the tiered platter...I brought 2 home, one for me and one for my husband...needless to say, they didn't make it to this photo shoot. There will definitely be more cuteness to come, I know of two exciting events in the near future that are shaping up to be more than adorable...both chock full of glorious paper projects!